The Chant…

True forgiveness is not easy to give. 
She explained this over and over and over again.
The words flowed from her mouth as though it was a chant, a prayer. 
It was her song, and she had sung it for years.

She had for so long embraced the shallowness of her reasoning.
Hardly ever questioning the correctness of her actions.
It gave her bearing, and a sense of moving forward.
Though she never did get far, bruising others along the way.

Alone with her reflection she saw in her own eyes that the forgiveness she had to give was not intended for anyone else, it was for herself.
She had lost faith in her own promise and purpose.
When she turned to the window, there was no angel looking back at her.
She was alone with her weakness.

The moment was a revelation.
The feeling that pressed into her was the beginning of her penance.
The reluctant understanding of what it meant felt like the first step forward she had taken in years. 

Forgiveness is the first step in building up faith in her own promise. 

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