A Mother’s Confession…

Yesterday I took my daughter and her friends to the Air and Space Museum. As I was driving the girls, I was listening to her sing and chat with her friends. At one point I caught a glimpse of her in the rearview mirror. I saw my daughter’s beautiful little face look up at me. Surrounded by her friends, I was taken by how much younger she looks compared to them. But, as she sat among her peers, I could also see her no longer my little baby girl. She is on the cusp of morphing into a young girl, one that will eventually be less interested in hanging with dear old mom. No more small clothes. No more small shoes. No more letting mom brush her hair, or spontaneous “I love you mommy” moments with hugs around my waist.

I’m kind of a wreck thinking about it. I’m feeling more than a little sad about losing that precious little girl to time. I’m sure every mom has moments like this. I’m sure I’m just being silly. It’s just that the glance in the mirror was almost a snapshot into the future, and I was surprised how it snuck up on me.

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