20 Minutes

I held my breath
I closed my eyes
I tried to make the world stand still
Dear GOD please, for just a minute
But the world doesn’t work like that

So, I gave myself 20 minutes to release all the tension
I wrote my truth
I shared my unfiltered honesty
I acknowledged my demons, my lies
One lifetime, yet another self-inflicted stupid fall

I will no longer serve myself on a silver platter to feed narcissism
I will force myself to laugh, to smile, to witness
I can deliberately move forward
I focus on the exact minute when I won’t look back – its almost here

I won’t be lazy, I do know how to get up and learn a lesson

I know how to put one foot in front of the other and walk away (so watch me)
I have always been worth more than this… and, that’s “just how it is” 
Time is slipping away to make this… right
So I whispered one last time… “just fix it, or miss me… ‘always'”

And now… it’s fixed

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