Another Leap

I keep dreaming of taking that leap.
I even know the date and time when I will jump
108 stories the website says
How morbid, how exciting

I remember the inner faith it took a girl like me to jump the first time
“We’ll roll out of the plane on 3” he shouted in my ear
Pressed so close to me from behind
His hands strong around my waist as we sat in the door of that small plane
But I just smiled, I had other plans

1, 2…………no 3 heard
Just the wind flashing hard against my face
A fellow jumper sped to me to high-five the girl with her first jump
Arms in the air, spinning, rolling
Giggles of adrenaline ecstasy
I can hear him laughing with me

10,500 above the green grass of North Carolina
The meter moves down quickly
I hear the words, “pull it now!”
The chute crackles when it unfurls
The pull upward jolts me, thrills me more
I Loooovvvvvvveeeeee iiiiiiiiittttttttt

The drifting comes under my control
I guide myself to the landing zone
I pull tight, and run to my landing
My feet, my body still feel airborne

I shed the parachute
I laugh and hug
I remember a hard kiss and then driving away
Not quite just another beautiful, sunny North Carolina day

Funny, I don’t remember his name, his face
But I have always remembered the thrill he gave me
I want that feeling again
I will have that feeling again

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