Rule No. 238

So the other day I found an interesting book at a wholesale price club, because as with everything I do in life, I buy in excess of what I actually need. The book is called “Dance First. Think Later.” Your basic book of quotations, but the reason I bought this one is kind of an interesting story.

I’ve been going through a weird part of my life. Questioning the direction I have been traveling with my eyes shut for so long. No, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t living my life until one day when someone I love dearly dropped a bombshell on my perfect existence. The girl that had it all… yeah, she really didn’t. The reasons for that particular bombshell is neither here nor there anymore, but what does matter is how I was spinning my wheels, questioning everything, as if that would make it better.

So, all this shit came to a halt one Saturday afternoon when I opened the book and the read the following…

Rule No. 238 “Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.” – Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor

Not only did the fact that a verifiable self-proclaimed Emperor say something that made complete sense to me, but he just rocked my whole world.

I have been thinking too much about EVERYTHING! I have turned this life of mine inside out, upside down, twisted it, and read it in every color I could color it. The time is long overdue for me to just stop thinking. Accept what I have to work with, and just go for it. Life is passing me by, and I am the only one stopping me from enjoying it.

Not sure why I couldn’t just pick myself up after the bombshell. Not sure why I forgot that I am so much bigger than hurtful words. Not sure why I convinced myself that I wasn’t worth going on to better things. But there you have it — wasted chances, wasted opportunities, wasted time. What a shame, right?

Now, I’m back. Actually, I’m better for it. Ready to take time for myself. No more waiting, just ready. Ready for peace. Ready to feel happy, pretty, confident, successful, loving, and most of all, ready to be the best mom I can be to the best little girl I know on the planet. Ready to be the example I know she needs me to be.

Funny, but picking up a simple book, and randomly opening the pages to Rule No. 238, wasn’t so random to me. I think fate took one last shot at kicking me in the head one more time. Glad I finally opened my eyes.

So now on to Rule No. 386 “There’s always a reason to smile. Find it.” Bob Parsons, Digital Entrepreneur.

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