I Am NOT A Twitterer…

I have tried Twitter, but you know what? I talk too much even for online. So, I find myself on Blogger.com. Trying new things as of late, so why the hell not?

Is it a midlife crisis? Yeah, probably.
Is it loneliness? Sure, most likely.
Is it boredom? Most definitively.

Well, let’s see if putting my karma out there in the bloggersphere (is that what its called???), will help get me through this stage of life. I figure between writing and jumping off of a bridge, a cliff, a building here and there for an adrenaline rush, should do the trick.

Besides, it will be nice to bitch, moan, and laugh by myself or with others who too have a strange voyeuristic lust for knowing people in the cyber world.

Welcome to my world, join me for a bit?

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