You can hate me, because I’m American
Because I was raised different than you
You can hate me for my age
Or because I’m conservative and realistically politically centered

You can hate me for my words
Because I speak of something greater than you, greater than me
You can hate me because I don’t talk like you, sound like you…
breathe in life like you

You can hate me for my brown hair
That rests below my shoulders,
on my pale skin
You can hate me for my brown eyes
Because they see you as you are
Because I see you the way I see you

But you can’t make me hate you

You aren’t strong enough to make me who you want me to be
You aren’t smarter, braver, better than me
You are you
And I am me

When you tire
When you close your eyes
When you wake, breathe, feel heavy, feel happy, fall, shout
Even when you find too much silence
I will be here
When you are ready
I’m right where you left me

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