Go to an opera in Rome
Let tears fall to the sound of the music
Find the beauty of the story
Go to an Italian futbol match
Shout at the top of your lungs
Feel the joy of the victory
Spend time at a museum
Study life and love expressed by artists
Learn to see the world differently
Stay awake to the sound of the rain
Beating outside your window
Drown your thoughts

Be alive
Even when others won’t or can’t see you
Silence yourself, your deafening doubts
With every step on the pavement
Raise your head to see new things
Be proud of the reflection in the mirror
You took your one chance
You were brave
Know yourself
The corner lines of your eyes tell your story
Feel your chest rise and fall, you are alive

There is peace
Even for dreamers
Like you

Hear the honesty of your heart


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