Just a Dream…

She closed her eyes and slipped into a dream.

They sat at the bar, with drinks in hand. He made her laugh as they talked about life, and nothing of great importance. The violins and squeeze boxes strummed music that lit her soul. She felt vibrant and comfortable and truly happy to be sitting there… It showed. 

He leaned in a little closer and asked her to gauge his sobriety that night. He had one or two in him, but the drink did not overpower him, which she knew and acknowledged. With that established between them, he looked at her and raised her glance to his. She felt butterflies as she looked straight into his eyes really for the first time. So blue, so beautiful. The connection was strong and scary and it made her tremble a bit.
With the strength of the angel that brought her to his side standing beside him, he spoke the one word that she was not prepared to hear… “stay.” 
It was one of the rawest moments of her life. She simply knew nothing more true than the electricity flowing in her veins at that exact moment. As she opened her mouth to say “yes,” she heard her breath, and she awoke from so many years of slumber.

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