The Thought Process of a Shameless Travel Addict…

F* it. Time for a break (again). 
So I asked myself, where should I go. Rome? Mmmmmm…. yes, that would be fantastic – a dream I hope to make come true – but the vibe just seems all wrong right now. Not sure Rome is really ready for me.
Paris? As I always say – Paris is ALWAYS a good idea – but I was just there 2 months ago. Nah, too expensive for 10 days, but maybe a connection for a day or two. 
Hmmmm. I have not visited family in Germany in some time. But my cousin is not speaking to me right now. I should wait until he gets over it.
London – Nope.
So I closed my eyes, and thought where can I go to truly relax and enjoy myself…
IRELAND! That’s it. Ireland. No brainer. I know a bar stool that has my name on it at a pub that has live music. Squeeze boxes and violins play all night. 
2 minutes later, tickets are purchased. No need to think twice. Not an ounce of buyers remorse. 
Perhaps this time I will head north and west.
This time I’m packing lighter, hiking more, I’ll visit Sligo, and Donegal Bay, and I WILL SEE BELFAST, Northern Ireland. Now there is a city with a story. Even better, its the 100th anniversary of Titanic. Rolling fields of green, and endless breathless coastal views.
Look out Ireland, prepare yourself. Just a few weeks until its time to dance with me… and I don’t tire easily! Ah, Ireland. Ya’ make me smile, you know tha’

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