A Recognition of Faith

He untied the blindfold she wore to block out the daylight to dream
As it fell to the floor she read his letter
She folded the paper and smiled 
She always knew, but appreciated the gesture 

He had rarely shared anything significant about himself, and yet he became a confidant 
She has waited a long time for his words to break the silence, but he makes a choice never to speak
And so, it was always his voice absent from the conversation… he has his reasons, she supposes
She wanted his sound to animate her, just as his image has… but fantasies don’t need sound 

What had colored her day in, day out world was just a sweet sin 
She wondered if the dream would continue, or if truth would wake her and rob her 
She was surprised by her ambivalence to his honesty, but now wondered, 
Did her muse want her to acknowledge him as he really is? 

He was the one that chose to elevate the game 
He asked her to come to him 
She delighted in knowing that something impossible appeared suddenly possible 
He knew she was the one that would give him total freedom, expression… recognition 

So, why did he choose now to unveil? 
Did he think she would not come if she knew more of him? 
Did he want assurance of balance between reality and reverie? 
The only real question: Is he ready to yield to a chance to feed his own intensity, and hers? 

To taste something so sweet 
To experience what it’s like to lose yourself in another 
To feel no limits, no border, no politics 
There is only one thing required to truly indulge 


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