Sub Rosa…

“Come to me,” she said
In an instant he emerged out of thin air
He didn’t know today she was broken, he didn’t seem to care
He came because she asked
Suddenly she was lost in him

A woman challenged by fatiguing years
His steady appearance convinces her that her own youth is yet present
Selfishly living in the moment again, another addictive experience
Her palpable imperfections melt away, and self-inflicted torment turns into strength
He grins, knowing this side of her

“Hello,” has never been crafted into a conversation of careful significance
A fact that once bothered her deeply, quickly washed away by truth
She questioned initial intentions, but realized she was wasting precious energy
Visits over time stepped her unscathed through fields of affliction

She settled for the proven comfort of a confidant
Delicious idleness prevailed, a gift of true meaning

There is peace in knowing he’s there, quiet in the background
Predisposed to remain in readiness, awaiting another silent gesture of affection for a friend
An escape, and an understanding
She is grand simply knowing that it is his kind eyes that have the power to carry her doubts away

Un milione di grazie per la tua amicizia…

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