Under the Surface of a Confident Woman

Never at my will, always at his
I throw words out to the endless universe
When its hard to be alone
When its dark and I need laughter

Sometimes the universe speaks back
But when I need company most
I always find myself sitting alone, in silence
Wondering why, and how to fix it

I’m crushing…
Happy, Sad, Loving, Lonely
Is there a super hero for me?
Can he chase my blue away?

I need to reel it back, because the reality is dreams are just that
There are no super heroes looking for me
There is only me, myself, and I
And the one I need to stay put together for

But, he’s an image I never want to lose
A soothing kind voice I want to hear
When I close my eyes softly he says to me, “I love u”
I don’t know if its real, but I want to trust it

I can hear him as if he was standing behind me
Whispering the words with care over my shoulder, in my ear
Wrapping me in warmth
Just the way I want, because I feel stronger when I don’t feel alone

And then I remember… “God loves a try’er” he whispered
So I get up, I dust off of the blue
I smile
and I live another day

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