I stood on the Atlantic’s edge and watched the ocean’s foam stretch to touch me
It was seductive
My feet sank deep into the black lava sand
But then disappeared under the pounding waves, reminding me I am… erasable

A natural arch defined the vista to my left in the distance
The worlds newest islands were visible to my far right
Amazing topography forced a lungful of air at every turn
I felt bitter pleasure to absorb the beauty of this island alone

A seal danced for my enjoyment in the peaks of the ocean, amusing me 
She popped up and stared at me as I sipped champagne from the bottle
I toasted the beauty I witnessed in this land
I felt exhilaration as the cold water misted my hair, my skin
Baptizing me as if mother earth was reminding me that this is just the beginning

I stared out into the water that reaches uninterrupted to Antarctica, the other end of the world
I let out a yell that was smothered by the sound of the waves
My body felt tingles with the release
I felt the distinct richness of simplicity in this place
And I reveled in it

I thanked my higher power for the moment, the experience
I will return to this place, and I will share it

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