Words with Meaning

Brave, Hello, Shy, Scared 
Mosaic, Timing, Alone, Real, Defined
“My Hands,” Liberated 
Nothing… it’s finally OK

Funny, Goofball, Sorry, Interested
“Ceiling Fan,” Sheer, Greedy, Bossy
Uniform, Red, Dishonesty, Used, Flash
Always, Tease, Goodbye
Hurt… really, really hurt

Uncomfortable, Smile, Bella, Wow, Ciao

Young, Kind, Handsome
Confused, Pissed, Add, Delete
Motorcycle, Humanities, Spirited
Baci, Washing Machine, In Sogno

Humble, Honest, Conversation, Company, Tea
Relaxing, Scared, Window, Kind
Smiles, Smiles, Smiles, Uncontrollable Smiles
Airport, Stew, Jersey, Saints, Angel
Friend, Confidant… Grateful, Thankful
“God loves a try’er” 🙂 …..   (I freaking love that saying)

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