Las Vegas

There’s a thick cloud of desperation everywhere
It is palatable, like acid on your tongue
You breathe it in on every corner
You smell it in every bar, at any hour of the day

Collagen injected lips
Tummies tucked tight
Silicon breasts coated in an unnatural tan
Heels so high, they concentrate hard to walk

They can’t hide their vanity behind the steering wheel of their overpriced sports car
They all believe it makes them look more attractive, more worthy
But even in their middle age, they lack the depth of a real man
Their selfishness is worn on their sleeve like a badge of honor

The seedy is on display in lights all over the city
Sex is money, money is power, power is everything in this town
The salty sweat of the people who come in search of fantasy rushes against your clean skin
You can drive anywhere, and never escape it
There is dysfunction and satisfaction on every corner

The lights will lure you into the city limits
The insecurity we all have will make you want to come to this place
No matter what, you will secretly like it here
Its too much to resist
Not even the heavy rain that falls can wipe it clean
You can see the dirty from the 31st floor as clear as from the street
Its too delicious to walk away for good

The sun will burn you
Welcome to hell
The natural beauty of the landscape will entice you
Welcome to Las Vegas
Time to get dressed, the night sky is calling my name

3 Replies to “Las Vegas”

  1. I love the place, Vegas has character that really comes through at night. During the day, the city itself is not so pretty. I've been twice already this year. The night sky was not a metaphor for a guy, I'm not sure any nice guys live in Las Vegas.Ever been?


  2. I was 10 years old the only time I was in vegas and in "those" days circus circus was all there was for kids….. there was only the "strip" then not old and new as I have heard there is now. I was simply being silly with rhymes mentioning the night sky and nice guy thing…. I would love to go there some day I also hear its not a cheap to go there anymore….My twin brother went a few months ago and had a blast. (that was the short answer lol)


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