• Perso in Te…

    I didn’t hide from you…
    Even when I was fading to darkness
    Though you never chose me
    I kept choosing you
    Even when you stopped smiling
    Even when kindness turned to something less
    When the you that I loved
    Became the you that you really are
    I didn’t hide from you…
    You are gone
    But, with every loss comes reinvention
    A new evolving reflection, born
    I am more than I am today
    I am more than I will be tomorrow
    With time, memories will sting less 
    My heart will soften from hard lessons
    Your name will be far from lips
    This journey
    It's nothing new to a woman like me
    I lost myself in you
    And, you lost something wonderful...
  • Non Proprio Una Favola…

    I saw more in your eyes
    Than any woman ever will
    I feel more pain in your silence
    Than any woman ever should
    And still, you are with me
    And that truth
    You must bear too

    I would have crossed the line for you
    Traversed an ocean for you
    Done anything you wanted
    Without taking an iota from your world

    Nevertheless, with each day that passes
    I pay a price, for caring out loud
    I have only known the worst of you
    When, I am the one
    Who believes in a story
    That could have been the best of you


  • Pensieri Romantici…

         Today I read a line, “when the time is right, let’s meet again for the first time.” The words were accompanied by a photo of a golden lit winding road. The romantic nature of this sentiment was almost too much to bear. To be prepared to walk alone. To wait for actions alone. To have faith in the future.             

    How is it that the human condition allows us to move in life, with embers of affection still sparking? And, what gives us the strength to keep that level of hope alive? Is it possible that love proves our existence, and is the heart’s strength a gift? To acknowledge love is one of the greatest things we can do on this earth; you can actually feel how it doesn’t just propel you to move physically through life, but also, how it drives us to a full existence.

    -C/F  27FEB23

  • Trovami…

    In the shade of the night
    With the energy of the stars
    And, with the light of the moon
    You will find me…
    … Sempre
    You may never have had faith in me
    But, I unceasingly believe in you


  • Senza mai una risposta…

    Today was a big day in my life
    A day I won't ever forget
    And I looked for you
    But, you are not here to share this with me
    My heart is heavy...
  • Under the Sake Tree…

    Head on your shoulder
    Exhaustion in my heart
    Silence spilled from my lips
    As I sat besides you under the sake tree

    Just 18 years old
    In a place I had never been
    In a space that was unfamiliar
    A broken heart on the mend
    From the one who said he loved me, then sailed across the sea
    And the one who kissed me on the golf course
    Lifting me from loneliness
    Then, drove away
    Leaving me to face judgment, alone

    Then there you were
    Your eyes told me you cared deeply
    Yet you never took anything from me
    You built me up
    From all the broken pieces
    And, never crossed the line

    Because of you
    I learned I could be loved and not abandoned.
    It was beautiful, and confusing, and exactly what I needed

    And as you moved on
    I told you “if you’re not married by 30, marry me”
    It was my all of my heart
    It was more than a simple “I love you too”

    Always and forever
    Under the sake tree

  • Crash Atterrando…

    To miss you, Is confusing
    Wanting your happiness, Knowing I am the cost
    A madness, A strength
    A sadness, A longing
    To find you
    I can only reach within me
    Knowing not your hand
    Knowing not your heart
    But, in knowing mine

  • Il Prezzo dell’onestà…

    The sun he gave me faded with silence and indifference. Never once did he leave me with hope that I flowed through his veins. Never once have I had peace in me, since the day he asked me not to say the words…

  • Un Giorno Con Te…

    With each dawn I shall wake 
    But, I will not let my mind wander to you 
    Even as another Spring passes 
    And the seasons tell a tale of how once upon a time you found me 
    I will keep waking 
    And, with each day 
    My name will be more distant from your tongue 
    So your temper may fade away 
    Between sunrise and sunset 
    I will reach for all the reasons why I travelled this far
    To see I am in not in your thoughts
    And, in the silence of each morning 
    I will hear that my name is not a lyric in the song you sing...
  • Tutte Le Cose Svaniscono…

    Confess to the wind
    Let it carry your words far
    Feel deserved peace
    Allow air to fill your lungs with the love you have within
    Let your burden fade away...